Join Us For Our Level 1 (Beginners) Soccer Games

Dates: 06/16- 08/18 (EVERY SUNDAY)

Time: 10:00-11:00am

Location: North Sports Field (10085 E 57th Ave, Denver, CO 80238)

Choose which game days work for your family!

Summer Level 1 Sunday Games
I understand that participation in the Fussbally Small-Sided Soccer Games (henceforth, “the athletic event”) includes the risk of bodily injury, including but not limited to, serious permanent injury and death. I further understand that such injuries may occur in the absence of negligence. To minimize the risk of bodily injury, I agree to obey all safety rules, to report fully any problems related to my physical condition to appropriate event personnel including coaches and athletic training staff, and to follow all coaching instructions during the event. My signature below indicates that I am aware of the risks of injury inherent in athletic competition and participation and that such risks may include death or other serious permanent bodily injury. I acknowledge that I am participating in these activities voluntarily. I understand my obligations as set forth in this document, and agree to meet these obligations as a condition of my participation in this tryout. We sometimes take photographs or video footage for publicity purposes. These images may appear in our printed publications and publicity materials, on our website, or both. We may also send the images to the news media, who may use them in printed publications and on their website, and store them in their archive. They may also syndicate the photos to other media for possible use, either in printed publications, or on websites, or both. When we submit photographs and information to the media, we have no control over when, where, if, or how they will be used. I hereby give my approval for my child to potentially be filmed while participating in the tournament.
I verify that I am in good health and do not have a history of any injury or illness that could endanger my safety during my participation in the athletic event. I further understand the inherent risk involved in participation in the athletic event, including death, permanent paralysis, or permanent bodily injury. I have read the above statements and I am willing to voluntarily assume full responsibility for the risks while participating in this competition. I hereby waive any and all liability, including negligence, medical claims, causes of action, and rights of entitlement, suits or damages against and release Denver Soccer Society LLC, Jason Keever, Lasse Lobmeyr, Jason Michael Enterprises LLC, Denver Public Schools, Northfield High School, Rachellasse Limited and any affiliated departments or any of its employees, contracted agents or representatives, as a result of or in conjunction with athletic participation in the athletic event. I further understand and acknowledge that Denver Soccer Society LLC, Jason Keever, Lasse Lobmeyr, Jason Michael Enterprises, LLC, Denver Public Schools, Rachellasse Limited, Fussbally and Northfield High School and any affiliated departments, or any of its employees, contracted agents or representatives is under no obligation to provide financial support for any such injury and that any bills for medical services required as a result of my participation in the tournament are the sole responsibility of my family and myself. By submitting this form, I affirm all of the above, and the following below: I am not currently under the care of a physician for an injury or illness that would prevent my safe participation in this athletic event. I am not currently being treated for or recovering from an orthopedic injury, Covid-19, or any other pre existing condition that would prevent my (or others) safe participation in this event.. I have no history of syncope (fainting) or other medical problems related to participation in strenuous physical activity or exercise. I have not been advised by a physician not to participate in physical activity, exercise or sports due to a medical condition or previous bodily injury.
I understand that the processing fee of 3% is only to cover Stripe / Paypal Fees. MEMBERS CAN WORK AROUND THIS FEE BY PAYING WITH ZELLE. To do that simply Zelle us the price of the tournament + send us a short text with all we need to know. Zelle: Rachellasse Limited Phone: 303-828-7079