Skill Level Overview

Skill Level Overview

Before Level 1

Ages 2-4

If your Child is not ready for Fussbally, we recommend Duo. Duo’s innovative approach to learning, which involves both parent/caregiver and child (ages 2-4), enhances child engagement and fosters a stronger bond between adult and child. Experience the benefits of our well-organized and dynamic weekly classes! Duo can be seen as an ideal introduction to youth soccer.

Level 1

Ages 4-6

This soccer training is for 4-6 year old beginners who will learn basic skills and rules in a fun, collaborative environment with experienced coaches. Kids should be able to follow instructions and be motivated to move their body in order to be a good fit for Level 1. There is no prior soccer experience required to join Level 1.

Age 4 is the minimum age to join Fussbally! You may not join before your child is 4 years old. 

Level 2

Ages 5-10

Kids in this group are between 4 and 10 years old and are still beginners. Controlling the ball is sometimes still a challenge but kids know how to receive and play a ball. Kids in Level 2 can dribble the ball and kick it, but have not fully mastered the technique behind it yet. Kids in this group understand a scrimmage (soccer match) and are interested in physical activities. Skills like: receiving across the body, L Turn, V turn passing / shooting with 1 touch and other basic soccer skills are trained in Level 2.

Level 3

Ages 6-12

Kids in this group are between 6-12 years old and have played soccer for multiple years. The 4 base techniques are developed (shooting, passing, dribbling, and receiving), but applying them under pressure causes struggle. Skills like: Reverse elastic, passing under pressure, LV turn, and other basic soccer skills are trained in Level 3. Kids in level 3 are not playing soccer on a competitive team and most times play on a recreational team.

Level 4

Ages 8-12

Kids at this level do not struggle using soccer skills like the L turn, the step over, the fake shot, and other basic moves. Training in Level 4 takes advanced soccer tricks, like the Ronaldo chop from learning the movement, to applying them under opponent pressure. Kids at this level often play in a rec+ program (Birthyears 2014-2012) or in a competitive team (Like Select for Birth years 2015/16) and have played soccer for 3-6 years. 

Level 5

Ages 8-12

Players at this level are playing competitive soccer. Skills trained in Level 5 require an extensive amount of Experience in soccer. Kids in Level 5 play soccer at least 4 times a week and are very coordinated and have a strong desire to improve their skills fast. Kids in our Level 5 for are U12 Burgandy at Rapids or U10 Select 1.

Level 6

Ages 9-14

Players in level 6 are very talented children playing on competitive teams for multiple years. Level 6 players usually play on the highest level for their age. Playing soccer 6-8 times a week is totally normal for Level 6 players. In Level 6 training is always combined with opponent pressure at really has the purpose of getting highly advanced skills to the point of in game usage.

Level 7

Ages 9-14

In level 7 are kids who play on the highest competitive level for their age group. Training at level 7 is focused on improving niched skills that are not coached at club training. The sessions are extremely detailed for the purpose of mastering difficult skills to a level that they can be used in any game. Kids playing in our Level 7 are for example playing Rapids Elite U11 / Casa Black U11.

Level 8

Ages 11-15

Players in Level 8 play ECNL or another top league of their age group.

Training is highly advanced and detailed. Level 8 trainings match level 7 content, but with an older group. Our youngest kids in Level 8 are 11 Years old.

Level 9


Level 9 is for teenagers who play competitive soccer. The main difference from level 8 is that players in level 9 are physically much more advanced. Sessions are very competitive and intense. Level 9 training is not open to the public as of right now. To enquire about Level 9 opportunities please contact 303-828-7079 or email Lasse@fussbally.com

Level 10


Level 10 is for adults who would like to reconnect with the game. We host Adult leagues for Parents and others soccer lovers over the age of 35 years old that want to have fun playing soccer. Our Adult leagues are split into a “Haven’t played in forever” group and a “Still actively playing soccer” group.

What does competitive soccer mean?

Competitive soccer is playing in a MLS,ECNL,EAL,P1 or P2 league. Playing with Rapids Rec or Rec + is not competitive soccer.

* If you are unsure which skill level your child is, please call: 303-828-7079