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"Very highly recommend!! There are numerous things I appreciate about Fussbally and why I believe it has been the best choice for my sons and our family. Coach Lasse truly cares about each individual improving as a player and in their knowledge and love of the game. The way he (and his coaches) run trainings, games and the overall setup of the club is to challenge players where they are at and then help them succeed and improve. This focus on each individual’s growth (not just wins or losses) is not only refreshing but incredibly effective in helping each player improve which in turn, helps teams. The 3v3 games allow for countless touches for each player which provides opportunities to work on their technical skills and abilities. Another huge reason why Fussbally is the best choice for our family is the time commitment. We are currently in a stage of life where we cannot commit to numerous practices for each child. Fussbally has been the right amount of trainings/games AND I have continued to see my boys improve in their knowledge and technical skills of the sport. We are so thankful for Fussbally!"
"We're genuinely impressed with the Fussbally program. It's our first year participating, and our kids are absolutely falling in love with soccer, all thanks to the knowledgeable coaches guiding them through concrete drills. Not only are they having a blast, but they're also honing their form and skills. Special kudos to Lasse for always being open to conversation & feedback—it means a lot. In addition, the no-school-day camps has been such a fantastic experience. Getting individual feedback on our players mid-season, in written form, was an added touch that we truly appreciate. We consider ourselves fortunate to be part of this program and are eagerly anticipating a continued relationship with Lasse, Rachel, and the entire team. Without a doubt, this program stands out from the rest!"
"The best soccer training my child has ever received. Not only did skill level drastically improve but so did knowledge and confidence. Every training session was engaging and never felt like just going through the motions. The combination of technical skills, speed etc... has helped my child immensely. Excellent communication/feedback to me as the parent. I can’t recommend Fussbally highly enough."
"Fussbally has been awesome! I have nothing but great things to say about Lasse and his team. My now 7 year old daughter switched from a different, much larger league, and we couldn’t be happier. Her skills have improved significantly and she is having so much fun. The coaching to kid radio is small, and every practice is clearly thought out. The focus at her age is truly on individual skills, which is so important. We highly recommend Fussbally to any kid looking to play soccer, improve, and have fun!"
"The new 3v3 Funino league and accompanying practices have been a great addition to the Fussbally soccer program. Marcos has had a blast, and the format ensures that he is not only having fun, but also simultaneously (and repeatedly) practicing technical skills in a fast paced environment. That combination doesn’t always happen in competitive soccer programs and is a welcome addition to Marcos’ development!"
"Charlie has loved his experience with Fussbally. I can see so much progress in just one season of the program, and Lasse and the coaches are fantastic. My other kids want to join Fussbally now too because they are getting schooled by their younger brother! 10/10 recommend this program!"
"Lasse and his team are awesome. Extremely reliable, engaged and motivating for children. They provide good feedback re your kid’s progress so you can better understand their level, skills and areas for improvement. My kids are always excited to go to practice and games!"
"I have 2 kids in training with Fussbally and recently joined the adult training. It is awesome; my kids have picked up so much so quickly, and I am leaning how much there is that I don’t know about this worldly, wonderful sport. Fussbally is organized, efficient, and fun. I’ve met families who come up from far away places for this training, and I can easily see why now. the fields, equipment, coaches, and participants are all fantastic, and I enjoy the sessions very much. Looking forward to the next one!"
"This has been a great way for our 7 year old to level up his skills. The sessions are really focused and spend a lot of time on the progression of foundational soccer skills. My son has loved going and we can tell he is getting more and more comfortable with ball movement and control. He is doing both the league and trainings. We wish we started him here sooner! We also placed our 5 year old in the training sessions. This is her first real soccer season and they do a great job training the new to the sport kids. Everything is done with the kids in mind first, which has not been our experience in other leagues. All of the coaches care about the kids development."
"Our kids have played soccer with the Rapids youth league and Soccer Shots in the past, but they weren’t progressing with their skills, and the leagues were always so disorganized. We learned about Fussbally from a friend and decided to give it a shot. They have now been playing Fussbally for several seasons, and it has hands down been the best experience we have had with any sports league or activity in Denver. We have been very impressed with the level of involvement and the interest that Coach Lasse, his wife Rachel, and their entire staff of coaches show in helping players develop a love for the game while ensuring they grow as individual players. The program is well-organized, and that consistency has also helped our kids get excited about playing the game. They make soccer fun, which is really important to our family. We can’t say enough good things about the Fussbally program and its positive impact on our family."
"Exceptional program. He cares a ton about the kids, their development, and the game. Love the level of seriousness tied to each practice with clear objectives and goals for where the children can improve. We would 100% recommend Lasse and the organization he is building. The denver soccer community is lucky to have Fussbally."
"My son absolutely LOVES Fussbally! We've already seen him implementing skills he's learned and best of all, he's learning them in an environment that is fun and inviting! Fussbally is the highlight of his day! The Funino style tournaments are AWESOME and still leave you with a majority of your day!"
"Both my 5 and 6 year olds have been working with Coach Lasse / Fussbally for a few months now. He is by far the coach that my kids love the most. The assistant coaches are also very good with the kids. Coach Lasse does an amazing job with their training program. It is very thought out and the trainings build up throughout the session (starting with basic understanding and building to a more complex understanding of the skill). I would highly recommend this training to any young kids that love soccer."
"Coach Lasse and his staff do an outstanding job of training the players, both during actual games and in small groups/one -on-ones! I’ve seen improvement already since we started in June! My kids ask every week if they can participate in the weekend tournaments:)"
"My 8 year-old attended a Fussbally camp this summer, and it ended up being an extremely formative experience for him. I didn't pay attention to the developmental levels for each camp when I signed him up, and he was enrolled in one that was definitely more advanced. Although very challenging for him, he ended up falling in love with soccer and ignited a spirit for the sport he never had before (he has played on other leagues throughout his life). Prior to the camp, he would ask to play on occasion. Now he has the ball at his feet whenever possible, brings it everywhere we go, and asks to practice every day. He even has the ball next to him next to his bed while he sleeps. 😆 The camp really was so transformational! We have joined the fall Fussbally league and are excited to see how he grows."
"Fussbally has the best small-sided tournaments! The kids all seem to learn quickly, and this style of play really enhances their ability to make quick, solid decisions while playing. The coaches encourage each child with instructions on how to improve, it's very tailored to each child and personalized. My son enjoyed the fast paced Funino-style of play this summer, and he asks each weekend if he can participate in another Fussbally tournament. Thankfully, Coach Lasse will continue this style in the fall as well. As far as we've found, Fussbally is the only place to play funino in Denver, but even if it isn't, Coach Lasse's gone out of his way to ensure that it's the best place to play."
"We have been very happy with Coach Lasse and Fussbally. My 7yo son made significant strides in a few short months and was able to make a top club team in Denver due to his progress. He is always excited to go to training with Fussbally and has made a ton of new friends there as well! If your child is looking to improve quickly, in ways that coaches notice, I would highly recommend Fussbally."
"Our daughter has seen massive improvement during her time at Fussbally. I coached her Rapids team for a number of seasons but I am by no stretch a soccer expert. In the last 6 months we've seen her skill level take a huge leap forward under the expert coaching at Fussbally. Highly recommend!"
"This has been a great way for our 7 year old to level up his skills. The sessions are really focused and spend a lot of time on the progression of foundational soccer skills. My son has loved going and we can tell he is getting more and more comfortable with ball movement and control."
"I can’t recommend Fussbally enough. Lasse and his team are so wonderful with the kids. I have been amazed at how much my 5 and 7 year old have learned and improved in only 2 months. Our kids played on a local team last season and there is a drastic difference between what they have learned with Fussbally. Lasse makes it fun for the kids but also has a remarkable way of getting them all to listen and pick up new skills!"
"I am SO appreciative to Lasse and the fussbally organization! My son has been with him for a mere 8 weeks and has improved SO significantly it blows me away! He’s played rec soccer for years but I feel like these past 8 weeks has learned more about the game l, honed in on his skills and has more confidence then ever before!"
"Our experience with Fussbally has been great. My son has improved in a short time and I am sure he will continue to improve with them. Small groups allow kids to get tons of touches in one practice which help kids improve and also helps the coach to identify kids' strengths/weaknesses. I highly recommend fussbally!"
"We have really enjoyed Fussbally pods and camps for my 8yr old competitive player. His footwork and technical skills have improved so much, and I really enjoy seeing what he’s learned translate into his games."
"Lasse’s programs are very focused and regimented but also fun. Fussbally has small classes so the kids get a ton of individual attention and instruction. Our kids learned more in a few weeks of Fussbally than in years in other programs. And they come home tired but happy!"
"Our 4 year old has recently started training with Lasse and absolutely loves it. Last week he asked me if he could go every night. It’s been so fun to watch him improve before our eyes. But the thing we appreciate the most is Lasse’s overall approach with this age group. He is gentle, fun, and kind, but he doesn’t shy away from focused soccer instruction. We’ve been so frustrated by other experiences, which seem like nothing more than babysitting with a soccer ball. Fussbally is not that. Lasse is an excellent coach."
"The Fussbally training and coach Lasse have been great for my son. He has picked up more and more quick foot skills and continues to develop a love of the sport. I highly recommend Fussbally for anyone looking for their kid to progress and get better with their soccer skills."
"Fussbally is a wonderful soccer program for my son! He really loves every session and he always says the time flies by! The coaches are amazing and keep it fun as well!"
"In my experience, Fussbally has an extremely thoughtful and methodical approach to player development that's very personalized, all of which has lead to a ton of opportunity for increased awareness & focus, confidence on the ball, and most importantly, enjoyment. Highly recommended!"
"Fussbally is our 4 year old son’s absolute favorite activity. It’s fun without being silly. All the games are - shocker - soccer focused. He learns so much and is shaping up to be a good team player! Lasse and Rachel are truly great coaches."
"Fussbally is the elite instruction in the Denver/Metro area. Not only do they teach the beautiful game technically, but also fun combined with discipline."
"Working with Lasse has been a great experience for my 10 year old son! He really enjoys each small group session that Fussbally offers. In just 3 weeks of Lasse's coaching, I've seen a serious improvement in all aspects of my son's soccer. Lasse is wonderful with kids of all ages, very patient and knowledgeable. I highly recommend him!"
"Lasse is an amazing coach. We've done a few different camps with him now, and our son has honestly learned more in this short time, than 3+ years playing in a another larger soccer league, where they mostly just scrimmage in a large group. Lasse teaches in smaller groups and focuses on having the kids learn the skills (ball control, passing, shooting etc.). The camps are challenging, with a lot of personal attention."
"All 3 of my kids have trained with Lasse for over 5 years and they have benefited tremendously. Lasse’s direct, no nonsense approach has provided the perfect opportunity for them to develop and make the appropriate adjustments to their play. Not only is Lasse and his coaches extremely knowledgeable about soccer, their professionalism and communication style make my life easier as a parent managing the schedules of 3 busy kids. I HIGHLY recommend Fussbally to anyone looking to improve their soccer skills and IQ."
"I have my two kids attending Fussbally classes. My 13 year old who plays competitive has improved her soccer skills dramatically. My 5 year also loves training at Fussbally and im impressed with how high level he's playing at for his age. Thanks coach Lasse."
"Fussbally and Lasse have been amazing for both my kids. He’s so knowledgeable and has a great approach when working with them. My daughter specifically feels these sessions have helped her in the off season more than any other trainings. She plays competitively and practices 3 times a week and feel these trainings are beneficial on top of her other dedicated practices. Lasse is very direct and immediate in his feedback, so they know what to be able to correct and continue. We absolutely feel they are well worth the time and money. Lasse and his team are very organized and makes keeping track of busy schedules much easier. Best of all, they have a great time while also learning so much. Highly recommend Fussbally!"
"We are extremely happy we found fussbally! My son has learned so much since he started with Lasse and it is showing in the way he plays. He really enjoys attending the camps and comes home with so much knowledge and is always talking about ways he is going to apply what he learned in his games. We truly appreciate all the feedback and recommendations we get from Lasse regarding our son, we feel like he truly cares for what’s best for each individual player. Couldn’t recommend it enough!"
"This is hands down the best club in Denver. My son’s interest in soccer has grown exponentially thanks to Lasse’s small-group training. As a parent, it’s been extremely rewarding to witness my son’s rapid development, which has boosted his confidence and motivation not only in soccer but also in his schoolwork – as I think he’s seen how consistent hard work translates into real progress."
"My son loves training with Lasse. He’s given in-the-moment feedback on technique so he haas something actionable to improve upon. I also love seeing skills being practiced within the context of the game, helping him develop his IQ. I think because Lasse creates such a positive environment, the kids my son is training with display great sportsmanship, which one of the most important parts of playing, to me. My son’s confidence is skyrocketing after a big dip this past season, and that is very encouraging to see!"
"We can’t say more great things about Lasse and the Fussbally program. Our eight year old has been playing with Lasse for the last two years and has loved every minute. Lasse is incredibly dedicated and organized and manages to keep the kids engaged, learning, and having fun! Our son has improved in both his soccer awareness and his soccer skills exponentially. He went from playing recreational soccer to competitive club and is thriving. He always looks forward to training and learning from Lasse and we recommend him to any kiddo of any age looking to further their soccer experience and skills."
"Lasse is very knowledgeable and great with my kids. My twins haven’t participated in a sport yet, so we were very excited to get them started. Lasse is very patient and has great skills when it comes to knowing how to modify programs to fit the needs of your child on that day. I feel like my kids have gained so much confidence and they look forward to going to soccer each week. He is able to make the practices fun and interactive. They are learning many skills related to not only soccer but organized activities as well. I recommend Fussbally over all of the other program out there. The attention to detail and compassion is unmatched."
"My son's soccer has progressed dramatically in the handful of months he's been training with Lasse at Fussbally. Lasse provides immediate feedback during sessions. That helps my son understand when and how to apply the skill he is learning or how to correct a mistake. That knowledge has been key to him translating those skills into games. Plus, my son loves the atmosphere at Fussbally and is always eager to go."
"My son plays on a competitive soccer team and loves going to training with Lasse. Despite attending the four training’s a week with his club he’s always eager to attend the Fussbally sessions. The small group training they offer allows him to focus on his soccer skills by getting more reps, specific instruction and feedback. The one-on-one game film review is another great service they offer where they go over footage of the games he’s played. It helps my son to see and assess the technical and tactical skills he’s learning and point out areas of improvement."
"My sons have been training with Lasse for the last two years. They’ve grown in not only physical ability, but discipline and understanding of the game in a big picture sense. Lasse operates with a German pragmatism; whether your son or daughter is 5 or 15; if they come prepared to listen and willing to work; you will see their game improve dramatically."
"Fussbally is amazing! Lasse has helped both of my kids improve their game with his player-specific attention to detail, technique, and feedback. They have improved tremendously through Lasse’s practical skill based sessions, his fun and physical camps, and competitive group practices."
"Being new to the area I couldn’t be happier to have gotten a recommendation for Fussbally. My two boys immediately connected with Lasse. He is thorough, compassionate and his individual attention is second to none. Highly recommend."
"I can't say enough great things about this program. Lasse really has a way of connecting with kids and takes a personal interest in each child's development. My son has come so far in such a short time - I wish I would have started sooner!"
"My 3 children have worked with Lasse for 2 years. He is amazing with kids of all ages. His soccer IQ is extremely high. He has the ability to teach technical as well as tactical, and address the social emotional side of soccer in a small group setting, and helps players grow quickly in the sport. He takes the time to understand each player and tailors the program to work on skills so they can build confidence to perform at a high level."
"All 3 of my boys train with Lasse, and love it! I l love that they learn the game, about sportsmanship, and how to complete. Most importantly they have a blast doing it!"
"My three boys all train within the Fussbally program. The boys have learned to play the game in a fun and structured environment. We owe a lot of their progression to Lasse’s instruction."
"Our two sons have worked with Lasse for over two years since the ages of 5 and 8, and have greatly enjoyed their experience. The Fussbally program has helped them improve their individual skills and tactical decision making, and they've met some great friends who share their love of the sport. Lasse meticulously prepares a curriculum appropriate for the group that's training, and ensures that even in small group settings, each participant gets some individualized attention. He always provides constructive feedback in a way that the kids feel confident about the improvement that they're making with the game."
"My 2 boys have trained with Lasse for the past several years and I cannot say enough positive things about their experiences with him. Lasse is organized, thoughtful and purposeful in his approach and the proof is in the tremendous progress seen in my boys' development and their continued love for the sport. I, like others, highly recommend Lasse and his Fussbally program!"
"Lasse is an exceptional coach, and I've seen significant improvement in my son's game due to his coaching. Highly recommend."
"This program has been wonderful for our son to learn soccer skills by having FUN. He asks to go EVERY day! I’d highly recommend this program."
Fussbally has been a great experience for my 8yr old on a competitive league! Working with Lasse has allowed my little soccer player to improve his skills and learn about the game in a fun but structured environment. In the smaller group setting Lasse is able to truly dedicate time to each player and helps them grow.