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Schedule Make-Up Sessions: Missed a session? No problem! We’re very flexible, allowing you to make up sessions at your convenience. You can schedule as many make-up sessions as you need.

Contact Lasse: Have a question or concern? Use the “Schedule a call with Coach Lasse” link to schedule a call with him. He’s here to help with any issues you may have.

FSC Scores and Schedules: Stay updated on the latest scores and schedules for our weekend tournaments. This link will provide you with all the information you need to keep track of your team’s progress and upcoming matches.

Cancelation/Refund/Credit Policy

60 days or more before event start we pay 100% refund - 3% processing fee
45 days before event start we pay 100% refund - 3% processing fee - $50 admin fee
30 days before event start we pay 80% refund - 3% processing fee or we give 100% credit transfer to any other events
20 days before event start we pay 50% refund - 3% processing fee or we give 80% credit transfer to any other events
Less than 20 days before an event start we are giving full credit to future events when there is a medical emergency. Please provide a doctors note for not being able to play.
After events start we are not able to provide any credits or refunds for any reason. This includes our 12 week seasons. After the first week of the season we are not able to give credit or refunds.

Besides the countless hours of organizing events and planning out content. We staff, rent indoor and outdoor field space based on sign ups before events start. When kids are not able to finish a camp or don’t attend all trainings in a season this does not reduce our costs. We employ very qualified coaches with excellent capabilities. To be fair to our top coaches we do not adjust their compensation when less kids attend an event than originally planned. We are also not able to rent less fields with DPR, DPS or other organizations when we need less field space than expected. In other words: Our costs are fixed a least one month before events, we are not able to provide refunds on short notice.

Why our cost consequences stay the same, we understand how much struggle medical emgergancies can cause and rather carry the financial loss than pushing sick children to attend events or families having to carry even more financial burden while having a sick, injured child.

We do offer a lot of flexibility for our Soccer Club members. Both our weekly training sessions and games can be made up anytime andwhere with no questions asked during hr quarter.