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Fussbally Soccer Club

Fall Availability
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Fussbally Soccer Club for Players born between 2019-2013

Grouping by skill

At Fussbally we want to help your child develop soccer skills as fast as possible. Because of that we don’t group kids by their age, we look at your Childs abilities and evaluate what is most important for him or her to work on. 

Small groups to maximize attention

Everyone that knows Fussbally knows: kid to coach ratios are small. That is not by accident. We want to give your child the attention needed to grow skills on a fast rate

Want To Stay With Your Friends?

Don’t worry at Fussbally you can request to play and train with friends. Just text Coach Lasse with your request and we will do our best to follow it. 303-828-7079

Play in a lot of different formats

At Fussbally we offer our families to play 

3v3 Funino 

3v3 ProGoal 

5v5 Futsal

7v7 and 9v9 

We believe that smaller sided games are better than bigger games but offer a variety on a weekly base to give your child exposure to all types of play. 

Small Sided Games For Faster Progress

Fussbally is the only place in colorado that offers year around opportunities to play in 3v3 Games. Especially in our formats kids cannot spend enough time playing small sided games. 

Game Days

Fussbally's league will take place on Saturday and Sunday for the duration of the fall season.
Levels 1-3 plays on Saturday mornings
level 2-8 Plays 5v5 on Saturday afternoons Levels 4-9 plays 3v3 tournaments on Sunday mornings
Saturday: 09/07, 09/14, 09/21, 09/28, 10/05, 10/12, 10/19, 10/26, 11/02, 11/09, 11/16, 11/23

Sunday: 09/08, 09/15, 09/22, 09/29, 10/06, 10/13, 10/20, 10/27, 11/03, 11/10, 11/17, 11/24

Funino Style Play Format

3v3 on 4 Goals

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our FAQ section for answers to common questions. If you need additional assistance, call us at 303-828-7079. We will guide you through registration or answer any questions you have. We want your experience at Fussbally to be seamless and enjoyable!

What Day/Time Does My Child Train?

Training days and times for all levels can be found here: https://fussbally.com/fussbally-spring-season/

Where are the games?

North Sports Fields (10085 E 57th Ave, Denver, CO 80238)

How do I figure out my level?

Click here to see a skill level breakdown

Can my child play with his/her friends?

YES! We will always do our best to keep friends together as long as they have similar skill levels. 

What does the training look like?

– Small groups

– Niched training topics and detailed coaching

– Only professional coaches and no volunteers

– Firm structure and fast improvement

What do the games look like?

– 2 games of 30 minutes each game day

– Small teams to maximize playtime

– Fussbally play system (3v3 on 4 goals) that enhances decision making + ProGoal 

What does the FSC league look like?
  1. All games play Funino style on 4 goals without goalkeepers. All teams have a max of 4 players to give everyone as much playtime as possible. 
  2. ProGoal (New Format invented by Fussbally) is a game format in which 2 players and a goalkeeper play 3v3 against another team on a small field. The goalkeeper is not allowed to score from the own half and after each goal the goalkeeper changes. The game is amazing for increasing finishing skills and 1v1 abilities.