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Fussbally Soccer Club

Join Our Fussbally Summer Tournaments! Levels 2-8

6 Games in One Weekend

3 Games on Saturday and 3 Games on Sunday

Team Flexibility

Play in a team with your friends or have Coach Lasse pick your team

Never Stay Longer than 2 Hours

Tired of hanging out at summer tournaments during crazy heat all day? Not with Fussbally!

Fussbally Coaches Your Team

Don’t have a qualified coach? Don’t worry, our tournaments come with a coach that helps your team make great choices while playing.

Want to bring your own coach? No worries! We will not get in your way.

Trophies for the Winning Team

Fussbally Offers Flexibility With Our Summer Sign Up Options

Funino Style Play Format

3v3 on 4 Goals

ProGoal Play Format

ProGoal (New Format invented by Fussbally) is a game format in which 2 players and a goalkeeper play 3v3 against another team on a small field. The goalkeeper is not allowed to score from the own half and after each goal the goalkeeper changes. The game is amazing for increasing finishing skills and 1v1 abilities.

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